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Safest Mandoline Slicer Joli Chef

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Eating the foods that make your body and brain feel amazing doesn’t have to be a challenge. We spent years researching and developing a formula with the perfect nutrients to keep your body’s systems running optimally throughout your day—and Synchro Genesis is the result.

Oh, and the best part? Preparing this delicious nutrient-powerhouse of a chocolate shake is as easy as adding water in a jar and shaking. How brilliant is that?

Healthy Snack Joli Chef

Fast & Easy

FINISH Cutting Onions BEFORE Your Eyes Start To Water.

Mandoline Slicer Hand Joli Chef

To Use – Simply pop in the blade and have your prep done in seconds.


To Clean – Just remove bits of food with a brush. Dishwasher safe (top rack).

Mandoline Slicer Storage

To Store – All parts are stored together inside the tray.


No Mess On The Countertop – Comes with a food collection tray, so there’s no mess to clean up.


Non-Slip & Sturdy – Rubber pads make sure your slicer stays put. Sturdy construction means you’ll feel confident when slicing.


Fast, Easy & Safe To Assemble – Put the tray on the counter, place the slicing surface on top and snap a blade in – safely and easily. Easy to understand instructions included.


Convenient Compact Storage – All parts are stored together inside the tray.


Easy To Clean – Dishwasher safe (top rack). Use a brush to get bits of food out of the blades.


Tip: To slice softer veggies like tomatoes, use a zigzag motion.


We know safety is your top concern when choosing a slicer.
Here are four reasons this is the safest vegetable slicer you can buy.


Mandoline Slicer Glove Joli Chef

1. Hand Safe – We include a FREE CUT RESISTANT GLOVE to reduce accidental cuts, a $20 value. Wear the glove when slicing or handling blades to reduce the risk of cutting fingers.


Julienne Slicer Blades Finger Safe Joli Chef

2. Finger Safe – Our unique Julienne Slicer blades don’t stick out to cut you. The blades have a unique shape, for cutting perfect strips without dangerous parts, and are safe to the touch (gently).

Mandoline Slicer Storage

3. Cabinet Safe – No loose blades in your cabinets. The blades, peeler, & even guard are stored inside tray. The last thing you want is to cut yourself reaching into your cabinet.



4. Food Safe – Our BPA-free, mandolin slicer leaves your food pure and garden fresh. You don’t need to worry with our food safe ABS plastic and stainless steel blades.

Please, always use care when handling products with blades.


5 Razor Sharp Stainless Steel Blades


Mandoline Slicer Blades Joli Chef

Medium Julienne Blade (Strips)
Great as a cucumber slicer.

Thin Julienne Blade (Strips)
Great for julienne carrots.

Crinkle Cut Blade (Ridges)
Great as a potato chip slicer.

Medium Slicing Blade, 2.5mm
Great as an apple slicer.

Thin Slicing Blade, 1.5mm
Great as an onion slicer.


Included Free Items

Vegetable Peeler Joli Chef

Vegetable Peeler

You’ll need to peel those carrots first, so here’s a peeler, on us. Already have one? Dang! Well now you have two, for those times when you want to invite a friend over and just peel the day away.

Cut Resistant Glove Joli Chef

Cut Resistant Glove – $20 Value

Play it safe, wear a glove. Sometimes it’s not easy to use the included finger guard. This glove reduces the risk of cuts when your fingers get close to those sharp blades.

Recipe Ebook

eBook – 12 Delicious Recipes

Start cooking right away with these 12 delicious and (mostly) healthy recipes, that you can quickly put on the dinner table – before the kids start begging for more snacks.

Recipe Included – Crispy Apple Chips With Sage And Maple Vanilla Yogurt Dip

Here’s a healthy snack that will make kids and their foodie parents happy!

Recipe Included – Quick And Easy Cucumber Salad

With your purchase we’ll include a free eBook with 12 delicious and quick recipes.


Try this light and fresh cucumber salad to compliment a hearty entree.

No Risk – 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You will be happy with your veggie and fruit slicer or we’ll give your money back.  We’ll even pay the return postage.

Your purchase comes with:
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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What’s In The Box

Slicing Surface
Food Collection Tray
Thin Slicing Blade, 1.5mm
Medium Slicing Blade, 2.5mm
Thin Julienne Blade
Medium Julienne Blade
Crinkle Cut Blade
BONUS Cut Resistant Glove
BONUS Vegetable Peeler
BONUS Recipe eBook – Watch your email

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